Christina and John M.

tied the knot December 2020

“My now wife Christina and I met in the summer of ‘17 when our summer “palaces” shared a backyard in ‘squan. I knew Christina was special the very moment I first laid eyes on her.  That summer we had a constant tug-of-war of Saturday “darty” locations. Christina being a devout Djais attendee, and myself, a cold-blooded, spring laker loving, proud PH man. I naturally won (most) of the battles and knew it was true love when Christina posted our first “IG official” picture right in the back bar of gods basement. When the summer came to an end, I knew Christina was too important to let go. Keeping it full circle, that Sunday of LDW, we were enjoying our last hurrah at PH. After my fair share of spring lakers, I asked her to be my girlfriend right in the very spot we had our first pic in gods basement! She said yes, and the rest is history. This past December we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and are proud Monmouth County residents.”

the first “official” picture