Hillary and Kevin

tied the knot July 2018

“7/7/12 I had just graduated nursing school and was spending every Friday and Saturday night in God’s basement. On July 7th in the basement by the back bar I was walking to the bathroom when I literally bumped into Kevin. He was heading to the bar to get a drink and invited me to join. There he introduced me to his favorite bartender, Buck and bought me my first double spring laker. We spent hours at that bar and then traveled up to the boom boom room and banged our bud lites on the floor to a million voices-the rest is history. From then Kevin and I spent every weekend night together. A month later at the upstairs bar he told me he loved me. We spent the following summers doing Squan share houses and the Parker house was our weekend staple.

On July 14, 2018 we got married and in our vows Kevin said, “no matter what we achieve together, no matter what dreams of ours come to fruition, we will always be 2 kids from Jersey who fell in love at the Parker House.”  Every time we get back to our basement back bar corner spot it’s like we are two young kids discovering love for the first time. I am currently pregnant with our first child and due July 2, in the running for names is of course, Parker. For most, the Parker House isn’t just a bar-it’s a little slice of eden, where when Pat Roddy sings a Bruce song you feel like you were born to run, where you are made to feel like the night is limitless and happiness floods your being. For me, it’s all of those things but it also brought me Kevin-who truly is my better half, without him I would be lost, and my life nowhere near as magical as it is everyday thanks to him. Thanks for reading my submission and letting me reflect on how much the Parker house has given to me.”