Maria and Jim M.

tied the knot September 1992

“My name is Maria McDonough, and my Husband is Jim McDonough. We met in God’s Basement in the summer of 1990!  I love that this was the nickname of this area of the Parker House!
Jimmy and I were introduced by a mutual friend, in early August 1990. He was a regular for years at the Parker House, however, it was my first year ever going there. I was a regular at Joey Harrisons Surf Club farther south. That year I had a summer house in Brielle with my older sister, who knew Jimmy and his friends. I was soon a fan of the Parker House vibe.
After being together for two years, we married on September 12, 1992 .  This year will be our 30th wedding anniversary, thanks to the Parker House! We were married in Monmouth Beach where we have lived ever since .
Thanks to God’s basement we have been blessed with 5 fabulous girls ages 18-26. The of age girls love going to the Parker House!  We have gone with them a few times and pointed out the spot where we met. They got a kick out of it!

Maybe they will meet their future soul mate as well there!

Thank you for the interest in our story!

Maria and Jim McDonough and our daughters
Jesse , Sam , Devon , Frankie , Rori”