Kristyn and Gary F.

tied the knot November 9, 2018

“Me and my girlfriends were going out one night back in June 2016 and Parker House was our destination. We were meeting up with one of our guy friends who we knew from lifeguarding.  This guy lived in one of the backhouses of Sea Girt with a few friends. He was bringing some of his friends (obviously Gary was a part of this group).  Funny thing was-I already knew of Gary.  He was working with my mom at the time, and my mom got to know him through bus duty.  It was mentioned a few times to me that ‘Gary was a great guy, I should meet him etc’ from my mom, but never pursued anything.  Fast forward to this Friday night, we made the connection of him working with my mom, had a few drinks at Ryan Wade’s bar, and danced to Pat Roddy.  The rest is history!
The following summer-Gary proposed to me on the beach down the street. It was a Sunday night, so the plan was to go to Parker House anyway.  To my surprise, all of our family and friends were in the basement waiting for us to celebrate.   For our wedding photos the following fall, making a pitstop at the Parker House was a priority to us since that is where it all started.  To this day, we love to make Sunday nights with Roddy or just to grab a bite to eat at the raw bar.  Luckily this summer, we got to bring our 6 month old daughter and “show” her where it all began.  We can’t wait for this summer to enjoy some nights there :)”

First night they met

Wedding day

family photo