Kerri and Alex L.

tied the knot December 2021…

“My Husband and I met at Parker House in June of 2016. He asked me if I wanted to dance… and the rest is history.
We will always remember “God’s Basement” with fond memories. We can still point out the exact spot on the basement dance floor where we first met.
Alex was part of a summer house rental in Manasquan that 2016 summer, and I was a “local girl” coming down from Hoboken each summer weekend and staying with my parents.
We went on many dates in the city that summer, but we always came back to Parker on the weekend to have some real fun!
I was (and still am) a VIP Card holder and I think that really sealed the deal in our love story…LOL!
We got engaged the summer of 2020 at the Manasquan Inlet and married at Saint Catharine’s in Spring Lake in December 2021. We of course had to take wedding pictures at Parker House and Ryan Wade (our favorite bar tender) made our Parker inspired wedding koozies too!
The Parker house will always hold a special place in our hearts!”
– Kerri