Pamela and Matt C.

tied the knot September 2019

“Matt and I met spending summers in Ocean Grove – our grandparents lived around the corner from one another and as it’s a pretty small town, we quickly became friends 15+ years ago.  Once we were both 21+ years old, visiting Parker House was a summer must.  We even ran one of the last Parker House Fun Runs together in 2014 – although we joke that Matt cheated and took a shortcut to get to the Bud Light’s faster! Later that year we took things to the next level and became “more than friends”.  While dating we started a tradition of riding our bikes from Ocean Grove down to PH for lunch and would pass through God’s Basement for a Spring Laker (or 4, they go down easy!) before riding home.  Fast forward to 2018 when Matt proposed, I had done my homework and saw that PH did weddings in the off season and I knew in my heart this would be a dream venue, I just needed Matt to get on board. Thankfully he was excited as well and the planning began. We were married September 14, 2019 and it was so magical to have all our family, friends, and loved ones celebrate with us in our favorite place.  It was TRULY the best day ever ! Our love for the PH continues… We welcomed a child in August and of course, named him Parker! We cannot wait to bring him this summer, and hopefully he can get a VIP card so we can show him God’s Basement :)”